Yoga for Enlightment

There are many different types of yoga. Some styles of yoga practice focus on body, some on mind, and others on soul. When put together, all kinds of yoga benefit the seeker of Enlightenment.Many believe that yoga is simply postures and exercises to help strengthen the body and promote physical health.Others see it as a tool to cultivate both physical health, and mental well-being.

Though it can indeed be used for both of these purposes, its true purpose is to lead one to Self-Realization, Liberation and Enlightenment.

The path to Enlightenment is attainable by practicing the various types of yoga. What makes Enlightenment most attainable in this day and age is information. when seeking the truth, with all the information we now have available, one can gain true Knowledge.

Main types of yoga:

Jnana Yoga, which is the path of knowledge, encourages the cultivation of wisdom. Wisdom comes from understanding spiritual truths, such as the nature of our souls and the functioning of Creation. With intuitive understanding of reality, one is better equipped to practice all paths to liberation.

Karma Yoga, is the path of action. It encourages the renunciation of the fruits of one’s action. It inspires us to live in the present moment, as we should. We are responsible for the intention and the action, not the result.

Raja Yoga, is the path of the Mind. It encourages meditation and Self-control. When you have expanded your spiritual consciousness through wisdom, surrender through meditation can bring about Enlightenment.

Bhakti Yoga, is the Ultimate goal. Of all the different types of yoga, this is the greatest. This is the path of Love. When one has gained true knowledge, focus on Love and Devotion. Like the levels of consciousness, there are different levels to Enlightenment. To focus on the highest, one may attain the highest. Through the path of wisdom, one should discover the highest.

Hatha Yoga, is the path being followed by many westerners at this time. This path focuses primarily on postures and bodily purification.The true purpose of hatha yoga is to strengthen the body so that one is better able to practice Raja Yoga.

Enlightenment through yoga is quite possible. In fact, it is its very purpose. Learn all you can with an open mind devoted to understanding the Truth, and then live it!

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